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Welcome to Made Vibrant


Hey, I'm Caroline, and my passion is helping people design lives that are deeply aligned with who they are.

When a string of advertising jobs early in my career left me creatively stifled and stressed beyond measure, I made it my mission to stop living the life I thought I should and start creating the one that left me feeling like the best, brightest version of myself. That decision led me to start my own business as a self-made designer & hand-letterer, which then evolved into the soulful, creative community here today. I'm so glad you found us!  

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Listen, you've got the goods. I KNOW you do. It's just that maybe a little nudge from a friend wouldn't hurt, ya know? With every resource I create - each course, each guide, each worksheet - I'm doing it with YOU in mind. Each is lovingly designed to lead you to your best self. 

I know you've got something special to share and the resources below are designed to help you bring it out.


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I love to share daily bits of my life, my creative process, hand-lettering and the insights I glean from my own journey to a more vibrant life. You won't find uber-edited and styled photoshoots here. Just good ol' down and dirty LIFE.