3/30/2016: Acknowledge

A reminder to take a minute and see just how far you've come!

Earlier today I shared a post of a #BetterLetteringCourse student who has been participating in the monthly lettering challenges for a year. The post was showing her lettering a year ago compared to today, and it was SO cool to see her progress represented in such a visual way.

Which got me thinking, how many other things are we getting better at one day at a time that we don’t even realize? (My guess is EVERYTHING.)

So often we’re improving in such tiny, microscopic increments. We’re getting better inch by inch by inch, and those improvements are so small that it can often feel like we’re standing still. Until we finally take a moment to stop, look back, and take a look at all those inches stacked end to end. What leaps and bounds that can become.

Just this weekend I was working on my massive to-do list for the upcoming Better Branding Course re-launch (April 11th 😉) and I found myself moving with ease through all sorts of things I didn’t know how to do just a few short years ago: editing CSS to customize the landing page, setting up an automated fulfillment process so people immediately have access to the bonus files they purchase, connecting email sequences that trigger upon purchase… there are a million tiny things that go into the big machine that is an online business, and I don’t take enough time to acknowledge just how far I’ve come in learning all those things day by day by day.

Whatever that thing is that you want to get better at but that you’re still not where you want to be, take a second today to look back at how far you’ve come and acknowledge your progress. You’ve come a long way, baby. 😉