3/3/2016: Answer

Today I was interviewed as a part of an exciting upcoming project featuring @jasondoesstuff. A producer was asking me questions about my past and what led me to where I am.

I’ve written quite a bit about my college and early adult years, which were full of realizations that ultimately led me to abandon the facade of my former “overachiever” identity in favor of a truer, more vibrant, CREATIVE self, but as I was recounting these stories to her, I realized that it’s been a while since I revisited some of those big moments in my journey out loud to someone else. The process of doing so transported me back to those few pivotal crossroads when I felt faced with a tough decision — a decision that asked me to choose a path that I knew might let some people down but that would ultimately be the best for me (quitting a job I hated, ending a relationship that wasn’t right, moving in with a crazy t-shirt wearing entrepreneur guy named Jason, etc.) As I spoke about these decisions though, it occurred to me that even when those choices felt scary and hard, they really weren’t tough decisions at all: I always already knew what I HAD to do.

In the midst of contemplating this, I popped over to @elizabeth_gilbert_writer’s FB page (which is how I get my fix in between her books) and saw this beautiful post from a few days ago with the big bold title: DO YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO DO? Serendipity at its finest, folks! Liz explained (more eloquently than I can muster tonight) that: “I do believe that every single time in my life I have ever said in desperation, ‘I don't know what I should do!’ — in fact, I DID know what I needed to do. I was just too afraid to do it.” The same is true for me, and maybe it is for you to. If we listen hard enough, if we get honest enough, if we quiet our fear long enough, we can recognize that the answer is always within us, calling softly but fiercely for us to be brave enough to act on it.