5/30/2016: Anyway


Sometimes you work on something and you have no clue about the kind of adversity you’ll encounter to get to your goal. 

Sometimes -- quite the opposite -- you’re WELL aware of the hurdles that you’ll have to overcome to bring your vision into reality. 

You’ll go through, bullet by bullet in your head, all the reasons you SHOULDN’T move forward with a project or head down a path.

It will take time. It will take money. It will require new skills. The outcome is uncertain. 

You’ll find reason after reason why you should shift your focus to something easier, something less risky. 

But sometimes when that happens, you’ll hear a little voice inside you saying DO IT ANYWAY. 

So what if it’s hard? So what if you don’t have the skills you’ll need RIGHT NOW? So what if the payoff isn’t immediate? 

If you have that vision and you can’t get it out of your head, if you know you’ll regret never having explored that idea or that project, then simply buckle up, start your engines, and DO IT ANYWAY.

Just because you can SEE the challenges that await you, doesn’t mean you’re any less prudent byboldly pursuing your vision.

Though it be tough, though it be long, though it be uncertain, if you feel it calling from in your bones, DO IT ANYWAY.