4/23/2016: Appreciate

A friendly reminder to show gratitude for the things you see around you! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop!

Appreciate it. 

Appreciate new friends, and never-ending jokes, and sunny days. 

Even when you’ve got a cold, appreciate that you’re alive. Appreciate the health you DO have. 

Appreciate the freedom, the love. Appreciate the moments that feel joyful and real and easy.

It’s about acknowledgment and recognition of the things that bring you value in each and every moment. And even though I still find myself battling this pesky cold, every bit of today has me discovering gratitude because the people around me remind me how. 

Hope you feel the same, and if you don’t, I hope today’s piece serves as a reminder that there’s ALWAYS something you can show appreciation for.