6/21/2016: Are

A friendly reminder to pay attention to the things you excel at naturally so you can cultivate those strengths! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

If you could divide your thoughts into two categories, what percentage of your self-image is spent focusing on all the things you’re NOT versus all the things you ARE?

Not as skilled, not as charismatic, not disciplined enough. Not a poet, not an athlete, not spontaneous. Not a million other things I’ve thought at one time or another. This is where those comparison thoughts creep in, right? We see what others are and it makes us feel lacking.

But today I wondered why we don’t spend more of our time acknowledging what we ARE. This is not just for the sake of a positive self-image, but also for its sheer practicality: by paying attention to all the things we naturally excel in — our strengths, personality traits, predispositions — we can actually further cultivate things that we already have a leg up in thanks to genetics and experience.

Every moment spent feeling like we’re missing something, is a moment that could be spent realizing the abundant gifts we’ve all been given.

My new goal is to catch myself the next time I’m thinking about something I’m NOT and instead take that second to acknowledge something I am. I hope you’ll do the same.