7/22/2016: Balance

A reminder that balance isn't a destination, but something to aim for. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Some people say the word balance is a crock. They declare war on the phrase “work/life balance” saying it doesn’t exist, that it’s a false notion that we obsess over.

And to that I say… I get it. I agree it’s impossible to maintain some ideal equilibrium point into eternity between two opposing forces, not just work and life (and for many of us, those lines are blurred anyway.) But I’ve never been able to dismiss the term balance out of hand because with every single day of my life, and in almost every aspect of my life, balance provides me with a guiding force that keeps me on track. Nearly every single challenge I encounter can’t simply be solved with some binary, black or white response. It’s all gray. A situation might require a bit of strength and a bit of vulnerability. Another will require me to be open and also convicted. A little this, a little that. Throttle up, throttle down. Buckle down, lighten up.

Life is really just a series of these juxtaposed forces and the idea of balance asks us to find what ratio of these diametric ideas to hold at any given time.

The equilibrium point is different for every person and changes from moment to moment, but personally it gives me some kind of metric to aim for, some kind of construct that allows me to constantly hold two different helpful things in my psyche at one time. So I, for one, am a fan of balance. Knowing that it will never be a final destination but that it can be an incredibly helpful target to aim for.