2/25/2016: Beginners

Today I felt like a complete NEWB. Laura (@westellamee) came over to help ship out the pre-orders for Collection I prints in the #MVartshop (🎉) and there were so many things we had to navigate together for the first time that it bordered on comical. Figuring out our shipping software, printing labels, bulk editing customs forms, coming up with a system for packing mailers… it was all so foreign and it took us more than a little while to really think through each step.

Once we had the first batch of labels under our belts, though, the next batch went faster and more smoothly, and the next one after that even better than the last. The entire process got me thinking a lot about how it feels to be a beginner.

We all know that feeling of starting ANYTHING for the first time — inevitably you feel slow and dense and lost. There’s no established process or path, just doing your best to navigate in the dark. BUT… the next time you step up to the plate, you don’t feel quite so green. You’re a little wiser, a little more skilled, and before long you’re flying through things that used to take an eternity.

Here’s what we forget when we’re in those early stages: everyone is a beginner at some point. We all have to start at square one no matter what the task is, and we have to remember that it’s only a matter of time before we start rocking and rolling. We see people who have it all together and we assume that was always the case. Not so!

We all have to begin somewhere and if we ever want to get past the awkward I’m-new-to-this-and-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing stage, we must press on! When you notice yourself in those slow and careful early days, simply remind yourself to keep going. Show up enough and before you know it, what was once foreign becomes second nature! 😉