3/5/2016: Beyond

It’s been over two months now since I started this daily art journey, and already there have been all kinds of interesting twists and turns my daily practice has taken.

One big part of that has been the interesting shifts of my process and the #AbstractAffirmationsDaily “style,” which I’ve come to see transform in tiny blocks of time like seasons of the year. I’ll find myself painting in one specific look and feel which starts out so new and refreshing.

Over time (and with repetition) this relationship with a particular style deepens into a warm, comfortable routine, like when you finally settle into your favorite season and you can appreciate all it has to offer. Then, one day I’ll wake up and sense that I need a new season to begin again — I need a fresh perspective, a new process to inject my work with energy and intrigue.

That, of course, is when the fear comes knocking. The fear of the unknown, the fear of the uncomfortable. But with the fear comes the excitement and the possibility. I have a new fire to experiment, to work with different materials, to try untapped combinations.

That’s where this new evolution of work has come from. The layered style with its scrapes of color and rich textures of soft pastels and delicate but imperfect geometric webs drawn with ink… I’m in love with my work again. I have a whole new excitement to create.

But this would have never happened if I didn’t allow myself to create beyond what was comfortable. I would have never stumbled upon it if I’d stayed in the warm embrace of the season I was in, begging it never to end. I know my style is going to shift and flow many, many more times before this year of making is over and I absolutely cannot wait to look back at all the different variations my work will take on. It’s an evolution happening before my very eyes (and yours!)

SO my question to you tonight is: are you ready for a new season? And if so, how can you push just a little bit beyond what you know so well in order to expand? In order to evolve forward?