4/21/2016: Body

A reminder to listen and honor what your body is saying to you! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop!

Welp, the sore throat decided to show up in full force today and I’m telling my body Hey, OKAY, I get the hint!

I think our bodies are our soul’s last ditch effort to communicate with us sometimes. When we know we’ve been working too hard or we’re too stressed or we’re too this or too that but consciously we ignore it, our bodies finally stand up and say PAY ATTENTION.

I always get sick when I don’t take enough time for myself. And I mean REALLY take time for myself. Sure, I take breaks throughout the day and I’ll read a book to try and relax or watch a movie, but mentally I’m always on. I haven’t given myself permission to fully walk away. Which I’m realizing needs to change.

Lately I’ve been wearing consistency like a badge of honor — a newsletter every Monday for 114 weeks, an art project every day, a lettering challenge every month — these things are wonderful and I enjoy them so much, but without realizing it I’ve created a machine that is always on. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’m stopping these daily art pieces — it just means I’m LISTENING to what my body is telling me and I’m going to find a way to take a REAL break sometime soon.

The question is: what has your body been trying to tell you lately? And will you listen?