1/31/2016: Brighten

The foundation of Made Vibrant is built upon this single mission: to help people live and work as the brightest versions of themselves. That is the single defining thread that runs through everything I do and everything I believe in.

But I’ll be the first to admit that there are days when even I am finding it hard to act as my brightest self. There are days when I’m moody or disappointed or self-absorbed or anxious, and all those intentions that I try so hard to keep at the forefront of my mind get drowned out by the immediacy of whatever the funk du jour is.

Today, for instance, we drove up the California coast to San Luis Obispo, taking in one of the most beautiful, scenic landscapes I’ve ever seen, but it happened to be pouring rain. Maybe it was the cold wetness (or my lack of coffee) but I spent the morning unconsciously matching my mood to the dreary weather. It took me until well after lunch to have a mental sit down with myself and to intentionally pull myself out of such an unnecessary rut. The turnaround didn’t happen right away (my moods are hardly that persuadable) but before long I was feeling sunnier (and coincidentally so was the weather.)

The lesson I learned was that I was the one that had to brighten myself up; I couldn’t rely on the weather or the circumstances or anyone else to do it for me.

Today’s piece is a little reminder that we’re all responsible for what lens we choose to see the world with. Even when the day is dark, wet, and dreary (metaphorically or otherwise), with a little mindfulness and a lot of effort, we can choose to brighten up. It’s never to late (in the day or in life) to come back to our most vibrant selves.