3/28/2016: Celebrate

Celebrate - A reminder to take pride in the small victories!

Today’s Monday was a very different Monday than last week’s. Due to my killer migraine last night, the time I would have spent preparing for my week and making space for rest was instead spent trying to kick my headache just enough to fall asleep, which made for a bit of a shaky and overwhelming re-entry into the work week this morning. This ain't my first rodeo though — I’ve learned that every week can’t begin with a picture perfect you-got-this Monday and when that happens, I just have to roll with it. I’ve learned to be honest with myself about what I need and to be kind enough to myself to give it.

My answer for today? I needed a Sunday DO-OVER.

I needed rest and space and hours of my day without a splitting headache. The only problem was that I had one mandatory: to write my Monday morning newsletter. It was the only work thing that I wouldn’t let slide to tomorrow because it’s a promise I make to my readers and I take it seriously. Let me tell you, it may have taken me like FOUR hours to put together something I was proud to hit send on, BUT I DID IT. And then I let myself lay in bed, rent “Brooklyn” on iTunes and have my Sunday do-over.

Even though every part of my being was saying “Do more! Get caught up! Prepare for the week!” instead I gave myself one simple task and I completed it. And that, I’ve decided, is worth celebrating. Sometimes we get so caught up trying to conquer the world that we forget to take pride in the small victories: following through on the one thing we promised we’d do; listening to our bodies when they tell us to rest; making space for ourselves to practice what we preach. Today, on my RE-Sunday, I’m celebrating it all. 🎉