3/11/2016: Chaos

Holy cow has it been a week! Today finally punctuates one of those crazy time periods when so many projects and big moments happened to intersect at once: the @stillmot film crew setting up shop for a few days to shoot a documentary, the #MVartshop moving to a daily inventory schedule and finally being open full time, and packing up our house to move to Oceanside. To say the last few days have been packed to the brim would be an understatement.

The days leading up to this chaotic week were filled with apprehension. The very notion of thinking about all that had to be done and how it would come together left me feeling a bit overwhelmed. But then it all arrived. And rather than fight the chaos, rather than resist it and wish I had more room to breathe, I let it wash over me like a wave and I embraced it. I was able to surf the uncertainty of every moment, never pausing too long to hesitate or overthink it, just tackling every new situation as it was presented to me.

While the week has left me physically exhausted, I have to admit I don’t feel all that mentally exhausted. Sometimes, in moments of overwhelm, the best thing to do is to embrace the chaos. To ride it like a wave. And to find ways to enjoy it rather than resist it.

Here’s to our very first night in our new home! Can’t wait to see what’s ahead in this new chapter!