3/12/2016: Chill

Remember yesterday when I pretty much said this whole moving things has been easier than I thought? Apparently I spoke too soon. Today started out well enough, waking up to the sound of the ocean in our new place, looking forward to our first lazy Saturday by the beach and settling in to our new digs. Somewhere along the line though, the mixture of sleep deprivation, aching muscles from yesterday’s unboxing saga and the millionth decision I had to make about where X should go… I kind of snapped. Snapped as in lost my absolute mind over a tiny IKEA bed frame screw that just WOULD NOT TURN ANY FURTHER. Guys, I cannot even express to you the level of irrational frustration that I had toward this one screw. I totally lost my cool and almost just melted into a puddle over sleepy, achy, IKEA-hating tears.

And then, thankfully, my wiser (and more well-rested) self gave me a reality check and simply reminded me to CHILL. OUT.

That’s honestly what I needed to hear in that moment. I needed to take a step back, to take a breath, and stop trying to force things. I needed to remember it’s okay to rest, okay to actually enjoy my Saturday and that everything will eventually find its designated place — it doesn’t all have to get done in one day.

So, even if you aren’t moving, whatever big undertaking is on your mind, whatever IKEA screw you’re tempted to lose your own mind over, just stop trying to force it. Take three big deep breaths, let it go, and chill out a little. After all, that’s what Saturdays are for. 😎