2/20/2016: Choose


Today’s message comes courtesy of my new friend Steph Halligan, creator of ArtToSelf.com. (If you haven’t checked out Steph’s daily motivational cartoons and new book, I highly recommend following her on Twitter (@stephhalligan)! She creates daily affirmations in the form of encouraging, clever and relatable cartoons!)

Steph and I were chatting last week, talking about your inevitable creative-solopreneur-related topics like fear, paralysis and indecision, when she said something that total resonated with me, something to the effect of: “It’s not about knowing the right thing to do, it’s just about choosing it hard.” Basically, it’s about GOING for it no matter the outcome. It’s about committing to a decision and moving forward with confidence.

This advice couldn’t have been more well-times when today Jason and I found ourselves in a bit of a pickle between two potential new places to live that we liked. Each one was so different from the other, each one had its own lists of pros and cons, and as we drove back to look at one of them a second time, I asked Jas: “If it comes down to it, how will we know the right one to pick?” Thankfully I’d shared Steph’s wisdom with him and he was able to remind me: “We don’t, we just choose one hard.” I smiled. 

Without knowing it, I’ve been employing this advice with every hard decision in my life for years now. It can be incredibly comforting when you reach a crossroads in your life, or even on a smaller scale, when you feel afraid to move forward for fear of not making the optimal choice. If you just commit, if you just CHOOSE HARD, there really can be no wrong choice. You take a step and you don’t look back. 

Thanks for the great advice, Steph! (Now go check out her book! 😀) ps. We did in fact choose one of our faves and we’re crossing our fingers we get to rent the place. Updates on that coming soon!