3/17/2016: Complicated

This morning I sat down to devour my Spring issue of @Darling magazine and I was so pleased to find that this issue’s theme was all about FIERCENESS. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from editor-in-chief @ladydubbs: “There are too many things in the world that need the touch of women — those that only our psyche can solve, that only her touch can heal, that only her intuition can decipher … may we open our eyes wider, not letting ourselves nod off to sleep, because honestly, we all must keep one another awake to the full if we are going to really leave impressions in the ground where we’ve walked.”

I was only a few pages in when I found myself completely inspired by this idea of fierce femininity. At first glance these two qualities can seem opposing: The female persona is historically perceived as soft, agreeable, even delicate. And yet the idea of being fierce — of waking up to our own power, of boldly declaring what we believe in — this is now slowly becoming a recognized part of the female identity. And it got me thinking about the other infinite dimensions that we can discover within ourselves.

I created today’s piece as a reminder:

You are sensitive AND you are strong.

You are open-minded AND you are strong-willed.

You are a mother AND you are an individual.

You are kind AND you are powerful.

You are creative AND analytical AND soft-spoken AND enthusiastic AND the list goes on.

You are a multi-faceted person who cannot be put in just one box. Allow yourself to hold all of these complex, nuanced, sometimes even contradictory parts of yourself, and learn to see them as the beautiful tapestry that they are.

You are complicated, and that is something to be celebrated.