5/29/2016: Convenient

These are the weekends that are especially hard to stick to this daily project of mine, not because I don’t want to, but because when family is near, you want to spend all your time hanging out with them, not necessarily thinking about what your daily art piece is going to be. 

Today, for example, we had a full day planned with Jason and his family, and I had to excuse myself a few times to sneak in time to put together today’s piece. It was tough because in those moments, it can start to feel like an “obligation.” 

BUT, in moments like that, as “inconvenient” as it may be to stick to this promise I’ve made to myself, I’m also reminded that great commitments are rarely convenient. In fact, some might say that one way you KNOW your heart is all in on something, is if you’re willing to follow through on it even when it’s not convenient. 

So, even though I had to spend a few moments away today, I keep pressing forward as a gesture of commitment and loyalty to my creativity. What project or passion is waiting for you to commit to it? What habit only needs your follow-through before it can truly become something? And what would you STILL promise to do, even if you knew it wouldn’t be convenient?