5/28/2016: Convention

Jason’s family is in town for the weekend and we’ve been watching #ChefsTable on Netflix as a family activity, one of my all-time favorite shows. 

What I find particularly inspiring about the series is this theme that seems to come up again and again throughout each of the individual episodes. 

Each of the chefs highlighted has expressed that at some point in their career, they felt confined by the expectations of the “conventional” cuisine of their cultural heritage. There were expectations around what things *should* taste like, *should* look like, *should* be like because of the way it had always been done. 

But just because it’s always been done that way doesn’t mean it has to continue that way. 

Each of these chefs has found a way to honor and respect the traditions of the cuisine they grew up with, but ultimately they have found their own way to break free from it. To push that cuisine forward. To imagine and reimagine conventional dishes in completely revelatory ways. 

The message I take away from that kind of creativity is the simple reminder to always question convention, and to never sacrifice a vision you have just because it’s not the traditional way things have been done. Without someone there to rethink convention, we would never have innovation and we’d never experience anything new.