4/14/2016: Course

A reminder to stay true to YOUR path! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Boy oh boy has it been one of those weeks! Been trying to juggle so many things and amidst the re-opening of the #BetterBrandingCourse I found myself feeling unexpectedly vulnerable.

Despite having a very strong vision early on for how I wanted the sell and run the course in MY way, despite what I saw others saying was the "right" way, I still find myself in moments asking if I have the courage to stick to the plan. If I can stay true to MY path despite being presented with alternates that feel easier or more convenient. But, when these questions come up, I'm reminded of what @brenebrown says about integrity. That it's choosing to live out your values instead of just professing them and that its choosing what's right for you over what's comfortable.

The way I silence these doubts that creep up is by reminding myself constantly of what my values are and if I feel I'm living those values then there's nothing left to do but stay the course. To keep going with what feels right and to not get caught up in second guessing myself. If you're in a place where you're doubting yourself but you KNOW your values and your heart are in the right place then I encourage you to take the advice I'm giving myself today: Stay the course.