7/16/2016: Credit

A reminder to avoid the urge to brush off your gifts, hard work and accomplishments! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

I’ve been trying out this new style of painting with wax paper, layering on areas of color and texture just to switch up my process and keep it interesting for myself. Normally I do my very best to use each new painting as an opportunity to explore and create without judgment, caring more about the unfolding of the process itself rather than the final product.

But today I caught myself thinking, “This painting is just a series of color splotches and patterns. ANYONE could do it. It’s isn’t ENOUGH.” Somehow in my head I planted the seed that just because it was different from the way I had always done it (or the idea I had of what a painting SHOULD be), that it wasn’t good enough. That it didn’t take any artistic talent to create and it wasn’t worthy of sharing.

Then I reminded myself… wait a second here. I have been painting every day for nearly a year. I’ve logged hours and hours learning what color combinations I like, what brings balance and visual harmony to a piece, and establishing my unique artistic voice. Why then was I so determined to rob myself of the joy of creating what I want to create? (And who cares what is considered “art” anyway - it’s completely subjective.) Instead, I took a step back, looked at how far I’ve come in my own artistic journey, and I gave myself permission to be proud of what I created.

The truth is, we could all stand to give ourselves a little more credit from time to time. We need to fight the urge to explain away our gifts or brush off our hard work and discover the confidence that comes with owning our awesome.

The next time you find yourself in a moment of pride and your instinct is to brush off your accomplishments or diminish your gifts or attribute your success to luck, try giving yourself a little more credit.