6/9/2016: Criticism

A reminder that the criticism you receive might be coming from a place of fear because of their love for you. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

When you have new ideas, BIG ideas, that are different from anything you’ve ever done before, you might find that the people close to you are actually apprehensive about it. That apprehension might come across at first glance as criticism.

This happened to me recently and my first reaction was to feel hurt. Doesn’t this person believe in me? Don’t they see how passionate I am? How clear my vision is?

The truth is... they probably do. But they ALSO see the things that can go wrong. The ways you could get hurt. And THAT is their fear talking, the fear that is coming through as criticism.

Once I realized that and was able to think about it more critically I started to see that FEAR is actually just LOVE in disguise. Often it’s our friends and families that care about us so much, that LOVE us so much, that they fear seeing us hurt.

So next time your mom or your partner or your manager presents you with all the reasons your idea won’t work, try to remember that they’re criticism might just be coming from a place of LOVE.