3/22/2016: Current

I had big plans for today, but today turned out to have different plans for ME. Unfortunately I woke up this morning with a sore throat and I took that as a sign I needed to take it easy. That I need to slow my roll and listen to what my body was telling me.

But it’s not always easy to do that is it? Sometimes it’s tempting to ignore whatever our bodies are telling us, or whatever energy a situation is feeding us or whatever our environment is giving us in order to push our own agenda. In my experience though, that can lead to a lot of conflict and a lot more stress than necessary.

Today’s piece was inspired by the ocean that I’m growing so used to looking out over each day. I see the every-present current and I’m reminded that life is the same way. There’s a flow to it, an energy running through everything. And we can choose to swim with the current or fight against it. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always going the direction we want to head in, but I think there is wisdom in learning to dance with it, to use the flow to our advantage.

Feeling hyped up? There’s a reason. Use that energy to get excited about your work. Feeling burned out? There’s a reason. Use that energy as a reminder to calm down and recalibrate.

The point is: pay attention and work WITH the current of things, not against it. My way of taking my own advice today has been to allow myself to work from bed, soak up a little more R&R and slow down a bit.