2/13/2016: Dark

One look around and it’s hard to miss it: it’s the weekend of love.

Why is it that we’re almost always better at loving others than we are at loving ourselves? If a friend screws up, we forgive. If a family member fails, we help them pick up the pieces. When we see someone else is in a puddle of despair, we are kind and compassionate and we come to their aid.

But when it comes to ourselves? We can be so damn MEAN, can’t we? We can berate ourselves for the 10 lbs we just can’t seem to lose. Or criticize ourselves for not following through on our commitments. Or wonder why we aren’t better by now at x or y or z.

Today I read a Facebook post by my absolute favorite, Elizabeth Gilbert, who discussed this treacherous barrier of self-hatred that holds back so many of us. She went on to explain her recent EXTREME LOVE EXPERIMENT in which she aims to combat these moments of negative self-talk. Today’s piece is inspired by this part in particular:

“I love all these dark parts of myself not because they are wonderful and adorable and perfect and fantastic, but because they are THERE. My dark bits are with me and they will likely always be with me. Just as your dark parts are with you and will likely always be with you. All that is there needs to be loved.” - Liz Gilbert

EVERY part of us needs love, you guys. And we have to love ourselves FIRST, before we can grow or strive or achieve or do, before any of that happens we have to make peace with the WHOLE person we are right now.

We are strange, we are imperfect, but we are always, always worthy of love. The good parts and the dark parts — we are made of all of it, and “all that there is needs to be loved.”