3/13/2016: Design

I took my own advice yesterday to chill out and it made for a much more pleasant day today. I was able to wake up slowly, finish putting things away and really soak up my new surroundings. As I stared out over the ocean and pinched myself for the twelve hundredth time, this thought came to me: my life feels like a vacation. Actually, it feels even BETTER than vacation because I have all my favorite comforts of home around me. It’s a strange feeling realizing my everyday environment is so close to my ideal. And I caught myself more than a few times saying to myself, “I feel so lucky.” Jason and I have an agreement that when that thought compulsively crosses our mind, we rewrite it to remove the word lucky. Luck suggests a lack of control and it pays no mind to the daily intentional decisions we’ve made to arrive here. This did NOT happen by accident; this happened BY DESIGN.

Jason and I didn’t magically happen to discover a modern home with a stunning view and a dedicated art studio in our price range… we HUNTED for it. We defined our values and we didn’t settle for less than what aligned with those values, with that dream that we set for ourselves. And that’s why we’re here living this dream.

That’s not to say that we don’t have certain privileges that improve our lot in life, I know we do. But my point is that we created this life around us with intentional, values-based choices. And what I want to offer to anyone out there reading this is this empowering notion: you don’t have to win some long-shot lottery to experience the home or life or relationship or career you’re dreaming of. You can give yourself a 100% guarantee of any one of those things by simply 1) defining what that is to you, 2) working hard for it, and 3) not settling for anything less until you get there.

Gamblers accept a life of luck. Doers create a life by design.