1/28/2016: Differently


The source of every idea I’ve ever loved has come from this directive. 

The great irony of marketing is that we’re all trying to play by the same rules (“This will up your conversions! This will grow your audience! This will turn your blog into an automatic dollar making machine!), yet we all know the secret to getting people’s attention is by standing out. It’s a simple enough truth: you can’t stand out if you’re always trying to fit in. So, whenever I embark upon a new project or a new idea, I think to myself — how can I do this differently than it’s been done in the past. 

The person who exemplifies this thinking more than anyone I’ve ever met is my partner-in-life-and-crime (but-actually-not-crimes-because-I’m-too-afraid-to-break-the-law), @jasondoesstuff. 

When you’ve made a living wearing t-shirts, when you’ve gotten paid thousands to write your first book before even putting pen to paper, when you’ve sold your last name or even your FUTURE… you’re definitely doing it differently. (And making it incredibly difficult for your girlfriend to answer the question “what does he do?” in the process.) 

He inspires CONSTANTLY to think about how to carve my own path and rewrite the rules of the game, and I’m beyond grateful for it. I don’t think I brag on him enough (because he doesn’t let me) but I at least wanted to acknowledge the impact he’s had on my life in the way that he encourages me to question the norm. 

So tonight I challenge you with the same challenge Jason poses to me often. Whatever you’re working on right now, answer this question: How can you do it differently? 

How can you go left when everyone else is going right? How can you carve out a space for yourself that no one else could possibly occupy? How can you be unapologetically, confidently, unquestioningly YOURSELF in whatever you're doing. 

Whatever it is, do it differently, and do it with heart. Do that and people will have no choice but to pay attention.