7/11/2016: Distance

A friendly reminder to see where you might have a renewed perspective and appreciation with a little distance from where you're focused. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Turns out there’s a reason they say “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Today I resumed my Monday morning newsletter after a five-week break, and I don’t think I quite realized just how much I missed writing long-form content on a regular basis. Week after week, I think I became so accustomed to writing that I took it for granted a bit. The break away — the distance — allowed me to appreciate my audience and how far my writing has come in a completely new way.

Sometimes distance can actually be a doorway to gratitude. So… what are you so close to that you might be taking it for granted in your own life? Could time or distance or separation give you the perspective you need to approach it with a renewed appreciation?