5/27/2016: Doing

A friendly reminder to find a way to actually dive in and APPLY what you learn! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

The past few days I’ve been teaching myself this awesome software program called Screenflow so I can produce more high-quality tutorial videos for you guys. It has been so FUN and so tedious at the same time to learn a completely new tool from scratch.

But, the more time I spend in the trenches, diving in with both feet, the more I can feel myself gaining fluency in the program. Just like learning a new language, it can often feel clumsy and slow at first, but once you finally immerse yourself and put yourself in a situation where you have to use what you’ve learned... there’s no better way to accelerate your understanding

Approaching this new skill has reminded me that there simply is no substitute for DOING. We can Google search and learn and watch videos all we want -- those things can provide a great foundation -- but the real understanding of a new skill comes when we have to put it to the test.

Whatever it is that you’re focused on learning right now, find a way to actually dive in and APPLY what you learn. You’ll be surprised at how quickly things start to pick up once you’re actually using your new skill in a practical way. Hope your weekend is filled with curiosity and creativity!