7/14/2016: Doubt

A reminder to believe in your own abilities and focus on what you CAN do! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Today was such an amazing day! The shoot went so well - better than I could have hoped -- and it made me think about how often I've doubted myself when it comes to something only to be surprised. Doubt, it turns out, only distracts you from being awesome. It causes you to focus on what you CAN'T do, rather than what you CAN do.

When I got to the studio this morning, I was nervous about my ability to talk through each slide of the course clearly. That is until I realized that being too in my head was actually distracting me from being myself. Instead, I promised myself I'd let go of that doubt and allow myself to believe in my own abilities, which actually made me feel more capable!

Next time you find yourself going to a place of self-doubt, remember your AWESOMENESS instead!