3/8/2016: Enough

It’s #InternationalWomensDay and given the response from yesterday’s #LetterYourGrowthMarch post, it feels timely to make today’s piece about the idea of *worthiness*. As a woman who struggled a lot in the early part of my life with the constant quest for meeting other people’s expectations, I can speak personally to the feeling I know many of us women have that we are not enough.

That feeling of…if I can just be smart enough or talented enough or kind enough or charming enough — that if I can just check ALL THE BOXES — that THEN I’ll be worthy. THEN my parents will be proud. THEN I’ll be worthy of friendship or love or happiness.

But the past seven years for me have been about uncovering the lie that is that thinking. When we come from a place of not enough, we perpetually find ourselves in a state of desperation, making decisions based what other people want for us and not what we KNOW our spirit wants for us.

These past few years have been about rejecting that lie and replacing it with this truth: I AM ALIVE AND THEREFORE I’M ENOUGH. I am here and so I am worthy. I am ME, and that is better than enough.

If you, like me, need this reminder to keep believing that you don’t have to do or say or BE anything more than what you already are in order to be worthy, then this one’s for you!