6/27/2016: Enough 2

A reminder that when we stop searching for MORE, we’re able to find true satisfaction in what it is that we have. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

@jasondoesstuff and I have been talking about the idea of “enough” for months now. This morning he published a post to his blog that I highly recommend (jasondoesstuff.com/enough) and I love these lines in particular:

“I’ve dug deep to figure out what I really value in life and how not to get caught up in what society tells me I should value. I’ve had recent conversations with fellow entrepreneurs who go silent when I tell them, ‘I’ve made it’—both because I think they’re shocked to hear me actually say it, and because their version of enough is measured by more, which has no end in sight.”

These conversations were spurred largely by a passing conversation we had just a few weeks into moving here, when we were both in the midst of planning out the trajectory of our businesses this year and next. We both agreed that we wanted ENOUGH money to be in a place financially where we were comfortable and didn’t have to worry about bills. But that begged this VERY important question: “How much will be enough?”

Because we know how this story goes, right? We want X and then we get it and we raise the bar to Y.

But Jason and I have been on a journey lately to define exactly what enough ACTUALLY means to us. How much money is enough? How many customers? How much travel? How many things? How many projects?

Enough is about bringing your consciousness out of its automatic and endless consumption so you can intentionally set your sights on something that’s actually attainable AND satisfying. (Not the slippery slope that is the hedonic treadmill.)

So my question for you this evening is: How much is enough for you? I’d encourage you to define that as specifically as possible so that you stop chasing the horizon of more “which has no end in sight.” When we stop searching for MORE, we’re able to find true satisfaction in what it is that we have.