3/7/2016: Evolve

One benefit I’ve uncovered from doing this #LetterYourGrowthMarch monthly challenge is that it calls my attention to just how much I’ve changed and evolved over the years. I feel that I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I not only allow myself to evolve but I now EXPECT myself to.

I used to think that in order to start something, I had to have everything all figured out from Day 1. That I had to formulate a plan and stick to it no matter what. That is until I realized that being flexible and adapting to the conditions around me was an important part of making sure that the life I was cultivating still aligned with my ever-evolving heart. Now I KNOW that everything is bound to change and I actually enjoy that.

For example, Made Vibrant started out primarily as a design studio, then a blog about personal growth and business, and now more than anything it’s an art + creativity community. It’s has grown just as I have continued to grow. The trick with evolving is allowing yourself to let go of the beliefs, habits, lifestyles, and even sometimes people that no longer support who you want to be, and to give yourself permission to welcome new versions of all those things into your life.

As our first year living in California comes to a close, it feels like this amazing new chapter in my own evolution is still just beginning. I feel like a better version of the person I was just a year ago, and part of that is because I was able to welcome those tiny changes as they came and not stick to some rigid script for what I thought my life had to look life.

Let yourself grow, let yourself learn, let yourself evolve.