5/15/2016: Expand

Today we celebrate Jason’s birthday (🎉) so unsurprisingly he was on my mind a lot today. I couldn’t help but think back to when we met almost six years ago. He was 27, the age I am right now, which is so strange to say because that number felt so far away back then! 

When we first met, I thought of love as this one very specific thing. Not that I naively believed it was all white-picket fences and fairytales, but I guess I just had this very narrow definition of what it was supposed to be about in my head. You like him, he likes you, you commit, you hold hands, you spend your time together, you support one another. Yep, that’s love. Obviously.  

But the more years we spend together, the more that early definition expands and grows and opens up all kinds of different channels I never considered. 

It’s not just flowers and hearts and google eyes — it’s compromise and comfort and laughter and sacrifice and gratitude and simple moments and tough conversations and choosing each other over and over every day. It’s completely boring and wildly mysterious at the same time. It’s practical and tangible one minute, and ethereal and other-worldly the next. 

When I created this piece, I almost made it say “LET love expand” but after a second thought I changed it to INVITE because for the love between two people to grow, I don’t think it’s a matter of letting it happen; I think it’s a matter of intentionally welcoming it. Of being open to it. Of acknowledging that the energy between you and your partner will not stay static and that’s okay. Because the more it changes, the more it EXPANDS. The bigger, deeper, truer, greater, lovelier it becomes. If you invite it. ;) 

Anyway, just a few rambling thoughts on the beautiful, mystical force of LUUUV. Happy birthday Jasol! I’m grateful to walk through life with you and thank for continuing to invite our love to expand! I’m just so delighted you were born!