6/2/2016: Familiar

A reminder to go beyond what's familiar and discover what's possible! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

It’s plain to see that I’ve hit another one of my “switch-ups” during my art process!

Today I kicked off filming for my first ever on-camera e-course, a class on acrylic painting that I’m SO excited to release later this fall along with a redesign of Made Vibrant. I must’ve taken a big swig of my own Koolaid because after a few hours of talking about giving yourself the freedom to explore new ways to create...I felt the itch to switch up my process to see what would happen. The result is this cool little incarnation which ironically reminds me in a way of my earlier pieces, but is decidedly a departure from the structured, angular compositions I’ve been cranking out the past two weeks.

It got me thinking... how many times in our lives are we just on the cusp of something so delightful, so interesting, so imaginative, but we never grasp it because we’re clinging to what’s familiar?

This doesn’t just go for art, it applies to so many things: cities we stay put in because they feel comfortable, trips we miss out on, opportunities we’re never offered, life changes we never consider...

Familiarity is a warm blanket -- it feels comfortable and soft and safe. But sometimes we have to shed that blanket in order to go beyond what we know and discover what else is POSSIBLE.

Excited to begin another mini-body-of-work within this project and see what’s on the other side of what’s familiar for me personally. I hope you’ll consider doing the same!