2/7/2016: Fan

Imagine if we rooted for ourselves the way we root for our favorite sports teams.
I mean, I know I don’t have a TON of experience in this arena. (I’d hardly consider myself a football fan.) But I watched tonight like most everyone else and I couldn’t help but think how much we all care. We cross our fingers for our favorite team. We muster every ounce of belief that our guy will pull off the big play or come back to win. We hope, we pray, and we celebrate every single yard gained.

What if we all treated ourselves with the same level of belief? What if we invested as much in our own outcomes as the outcome of the big game? What if we were there for ourselves every yard, celebrating every completion, every inch of ground gained instead of listening to the doubt and the criticism and the inevitable “you’re not good enough” thoughts that creep in. What if we were fanatical about supporting *ourselves* no matter what?

I don’t know much about football, but I do know that it’s a game where everything can change in an instant. A true fan is the one who stands by their team no matter what, and I wish we all could be our own biggest, truest fans. To celebrate every yard, every inch, every moment until victory, and to be kind and supportive to ourselves in moments of defeat. To show up at game time ready to cheer until we go hoarse. To beam with pride when we take home the trophy — whatever it may be.

Whatever outcome you were hoping for tonight, just remember that every day is a chance to be your own biggest fan.