2/6/2016: Figure

Oh man did I fight a battle with the tax monsters today. It may sound silly, but as anyone out there who has started a small business can attest, taxes are no simple thing to figure out. I spent my Saturday Googling things like “state nexus” and “retail license” and trying to translate state tax codes into some semblance of the English language.

These past few years have been a gradual climb toward “going pro” and now I finally feel I’m at the point where my business has its big girl pants on. I have a bookkeeper, an accountant, a federally recognized business entity (and all the paperwork to prove it.) You’d think by this point I’d feel a little more confident about all things legitimate. And yet, today as I was Googling myself in circles and sending desperate SOS emails to my accountant, I felt like I was back at square one again trying to navigate around in a foreign country…blindfolded. I felt alone and helpless and, honestly, kind of incompetent at times. “WHY doesn’t this make more sense to me,” I’d ask myself.

After hours of pulling my hair out, I was right on the verge of giving up on the whole thing. I figured I’d just have to trust all of this to the professionals and have faith in the people whose job it is to help me. But I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t quit. I did not want this blip of a thing called taxes to beat me! So I kept reading, and I kept searching, and I arrived at some sort of understanding of the steps necessary to accomplish what I was trying to accomplish. Because it’s important to me that I have a grip on every aspect of my business, even if it’s not an area of my expertise.

I realized that, yes, some things in life are just plain complicated. We can spend our time wishing that were different, OR we can do our best to figure it out and press on. Hey, if starting a business was easy, everyone would do it, right?
So, whatever your hurdle is today, be it taxes or business or a whole slew of other challenges that exist out there for us humans, keep believing that you WILL figure this out. Just do your best with what you have and don’t let it beat you. You WILL figure this out.