4/22/2016: Fine

A friendly reminder to be honest about how you feel, even if that's less than "fine." $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop!

Today was an awesome day — we went to one of our favorite spots in the city, Cabrillo National Monument, with five of our friends, taking in the awesome tide pools and eating lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots. There were so many times I found myself thinking, Wow, what a great day. There was just one problem: as the day went on, I found this cold I’m dealing with getting worse and worse. My head felt groggy and congested, my body felt achey, my nose felt stuffy… from a health perspective I was fading fast. 

In the past I think I would have done my best to suck it up and tell myself not to ruin my perfect day (or anyone else’s perfect day) by letting a stupid cold get to me. If someone would have asked how I was feeling, I would have lied and said “I’m fine! Feeling better, thanks for asking!” But I’ve since learned the value in telling the truth about how you really feel. There’s nothing wrong with admitting your body needs rest and, if anything, when you try to expend energy to look like you’re not hurting, you end up stealing valuable energy that your body needs to restore itself. 

Now, that doesn’t mean I needed to whine over a little cold or bust up the awesome party today. It just means it’s okay to feel what we feel and to be honest about what we need. After a nap, some vitamins, and a little R&R, I’ll be back at it no time. But until then, I’m telling myself it’s just fine not to be fine.