1/20/2016: Finish

One major lesson I learned about myself in 2015 is that I have a hard time following through on things. It’s funny, it took me years to get over my perfectionist ways in order to finally put things out into the world (“done is better than perfect” and what have you), but in doing so I accidentally developed a habit of neglecting a very important part of the making process: the last 10% (as Jason calls it.).

When people say “Done is better than perfect,” no one adds the important caveat that the story doesn’t always end at “done.” There’s the follow through — the finish line beyond the finish line that involves wrapping it up or tying up loose ends or closing the chapter. Whether that’s testing your product for feedback, or proofreading your blog post or following up with your clients etc., I think it’s important to see your vision through to the very end.

One promise I made to myself this year, beyond committing to focus more on one thing at a time, was to also COMPLETE the things I focus on. To stick around for the follow-through. Even if that last stretch of the journey is a bit of a slog and way less fun than the enticement of beginning a NEW project or NEW idea, I want to put my head down and see it through. There’s the Muse and then there’s the work horse: both are necessary at different times in the creative process and both are valuable for different reasons. This year my goal is to pay slightly more attention to the work horse when needed and to simply finish what I start.