3/23/2016: Flame

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like my whole life simply boils down to a series of experiments to discover what lights me up and what dims me down. My only job then becomes figuring out how to do more of the stuff that lights me up and less of the stuff that doesn’t.

For instance, through trial and error I’ve learned that starting my morning off with something calming but inspiring helps me ease into the day. I’ve learned that I need breaks throughout my day to keep my energy tank full. I know that giving myself time and space to play or experiment helps. I know I need to eat well most of the time so my body feels healthy and strong, and I know I need to have some interaction with nature to feel connected and centered. All of these tiny things fuel my creative flame — they’re like adding gasoline to my own happy, thriving spark.

On the other hand, I’ve learned that placing self-imposed restrictions and deadlines on myself does the opposite. I know that trying to juggle too many things or over-commit to social things overwhelms and drains me. I know that just “pushing through” when I’m tired doesn’t work. These things are like throwing sand on my flame.

Designing a life that allows you to be the brightest version of yourself is all about uncovering out what FUELS your fire and what snuffs it out, and then making decisions accordingly. My advice to any creative out there is figure out what kicks your creative flame into a higher gear and simply do MORE of that. If you want your light to shine, you have to add fuel to the flame. 🔥