1/24/2016: Fun

Today I woke up and watched an awesome video of my favorite YouTuber, CaseyNeistat, snowboarding through the streets of New York.

Casey inspires me for so many reasons (his work ethic, his commitment to creating, his passion for filmmaking) but his snow day video reminded me of another reason I admire him: the guy loves to have FUN.

I couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face as I watched him fly through Time Square being tugged along by his Jeep. I know it may sound simple, but FUN is definitely something I’m trying to keep top of mind these days.

A few weeks ago, Jason and I decided we wanted to commit to bringing way more fun into our daily lives and businesses. (We’ve since commemorated this intention with the catchphrase “Morefun,” pronounced like Mighty Morefun Power Rangers. 👊)

We’re pretty goofy to begin with, but sometimes we forget to let that goofiness pour over into our business decisions.

It’s easy to get caught up in doing things the way everyone else does them and sometimes we forget that WE are the ones that get to make up the rules. If we want to use phrases like “email mullet” (those who got last Thursday’s email, you know what I mean) or put silly gifs in our live workshop slides or include buried treasure in a podcast episode, there’s nobody who can stop us.

I have a habit of putting a lot of pressure on myself, and finding the fun is about neutralizing that pressure by making everything a lot less serious and a lot more joyful.

I encourage you to take a look at your own life or business and ask yourself how you can find the fun in whatever you’re doing. Whether it’s a dance party or a practical joke or some silly lines of copy, fun is a tool that is wildly underrated in my book.