6/30/2016: Got

A reminder to consider whether you might actually be able to work with what you got! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

As I was editing the Abstract Explorations online class videos the other day, I realized that I had this original dream of having THIS B-roll shot and THAT cool shot of me mixing paint, and I had all these big dreams of what I thought the production value would be when I started the course. Then I took a second and realized I’d already had THREE days of shooting, plenty of b-roll footage, and way more than enough great footage to make the video quality great. I challenged myself to edit the videos with the ample amount of footage I had, and what I realized is that by working within the footage I had, it actually spurred on some creative ideas about how to bridge some clips together and inspired ideas I never would have had for the shoot.

The truth is, sometimes with a project you want to see it through to your perfect vision, but you reach a point where you realize: this is what I got and I’m going to make it happen with that. You recognize what the constraints are and you see your vision through as much as possible with what you have in front of you. Those kind of constraints are actually what pushes the whole thing forward to something you had no idea it could be.

Next time you are waist deep in a project, ask yourself how much you’ve put in and then consider whether you might actually be able to work with what you got. You have enough. Make it happen.