5/8/2016: Gratitude

A friendly reminder to turn your attention to the simple things around you to be grateful for. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

I felt more present and content today than I have in a while, and when I think about why that is, the answer it turns out is quite simple: Today I paid attention to the simple moments. To feel the sun on my skin. To share a laugh with my mom on the phone. To take a relaxing bath. To pick up a book I'd long forgotten. To pet Plaxico.

Some of these things show up in my life on a daily basis, but I realized today that when we're not paying attention, they just float by our consciousness in a blur. They drift passed us and often go unnoticed.

BUT, when we stop and pay attention, we can suddenly SEE all there is to be grateful for around us. We adjust our lens and suddenly all that gratitude comes into focus, sharp and apparently. And that's when we can see more clearly all the beauty and the joy to be found in our daily lives.

That's the purpose of holidays too after all, right? A day like Mother's Day serves to bring all that love and gratitude right into focus where we can see it and feel it and act on it. But every day is an opportunity for us to do the same.

Tomorrow, try it out! Stop for a few moments throughout the day and twist your mental lens until you can see the beauty coming into view.