4/10/2016: Grip

A reminder to relax and let things flow when you're feeling stressed out! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Sometimes I do this thing when I’m really intensely focused or in a rush where I don’t even realize it but I’m clenching my whole body. My jaw is tight, my shoulders high, my muscles tense, as though flexing myself physically will have some sort of impact on my mental concentration. Then, something will happen and I’ll snap out of it, suddenly becoming aware of this strained state. I’ll release this body contraction and remind myself to find ease again. To settle back into my more natural and relaxed state.

Whenever I’m up against any kind of “deadline,” the battle between these modes of being becomes particularly fierce, and today was no different.

I found myself wanting to use every spare moment making everything perfect for tomorrow’s #BetterBrandingCourse launch and so I found myself in my tense state more times then I’d like to admit.

But the funny thing is, the more tense I got and the more “concentrated” I tried to become, the more my creativity seemed to leave me and nothing seemed to flow. Every to do became like a battle of will. A struggle.

That’s when I reminded myself for the hundredth time to let myself just RELAX. To loosen the grip I was trying to have over everything. Things may not be perfect, but they never are. It will all work out.

When I finally brought myself back to this reality and really allowed myself to internalize it, everything started to flow again.

We all may want to control time or squeeze every moment of productivity out of ourselves, but sometimes what we really need is to loosen up a bit and just let it flow.