2/27/2016: Hands

Boy oh boy are my hands tired. Today @jasondoesstuff and I spent our Saturday tackling two creative DIY projects for our new condo: repurposing our succulent wall and building me a new art supply organizer (which I can’t wait to reveal tomorrow!) It was hours of designing, measuring, wrapping, nailing, painting, assembling, and… MAKING.

Spending hours wrapping rope around the rungs of a fence (yes, fence) will give a girl plenty of time to think, and that’s all that kept popping into my head. “I’m MAKING this,” I’d say to myself.

This thing that started as an idea in my head, then a conversation Jason and I had before bed, then a plan in the aisles of Home Depot and now here it is and… “Holy cow I’m making it! With my hands!”

Today reminded me that there’s something so very gratifying about using your hands to create something new in the world. It also showed me the inevitable connection between our hands and our hearts. When you touch something made by hand, it’s like you feel the person’s heart that made it. You can feel the care and time and consideration that went into it. I think that’s beautiful, and I think we could all use a little more of that in today’s digital world.

So…build it, crochet it, paint it, knead it, sew it, hot glue it, weave it, assemble it….whatever you do, just use those hands. Use them to make something that didn’t exist before. You may not realize it at first, but when it’s done, you’ll look back and realize: it wasn’t just your hands that made it, it was your heart that made it too. 💗