6/5/2016: Hiding

Are you playing it small or hiding parts of yourself because you're afraid of criticism? Let it go and let yourself be seen! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

A few weeks ago for #theimperfectboss campaign, I shared the fact that I avoid posting selfies on this account partially because sometimes I feel more confident in my work than I do in my appearance. It’s not that I don’t see the beauty in myself, it’s just that our society tells a very definitive story about what is beautiful and what isn’t, and it feels risky somehow to put myself out there. 

But today, as I was editing videos for the upcoming acrylics class (the MAJORITY of which feature just me on screen talking) I realized just how far I’ve come in this regard. While I still may think twice before posting a selfie, a year ago I NEVER would have considered filming a whole class with myself on camera. I would have cringed watching myself back, watching me make silly faces and flub some of my lines.
But not now. Sitting behind the camera or behind the computer screen might be more comfortable to me, but there simply is no substitute for allowing your full personality to shine through. For letting yourself be fully seen. 

And that’s where I feel like this new chapter is heading, for myself AND for Made Vibrant: toward becoming more comfortable in my own skin and letting myself be seen. Like... actually SEEN. :) 

So, if you too have felt this way and have found yourself hiding in any capacity -- hiding behind your work, hiding parts of you in your relationship, hiding your flaws for fear of criticism -- I challenge you to take one step toward letting yourself become visible too. It might turn out to be a whole lot less scary than you thought.