7/8/2016: Hope

A reminder to choose hope, not hate. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

My heart has been so, so very heavy lately — though I have to acknowledge it is nowhere near as heavy as those who woke up today to the painful reminder that they have lost a father, a friend, a colleague these past few tragic days.

I, like most, have been racking my brain for answers and solutions to this senseless (and seemingly escalating) violence. There are moments when I can’t help but tumble forward into a cynical and fearful conclusion that our world is too broken to be fixed. I get mad at the ignorance of those who continue to stay close-minded and divisive, and I feel frustrated at the lack of any real action being taken to remedy injustices. Though I don’t like to admit it, it's in those moments that I start to feel the toxic seeds of hate being planted — "I hate that we are using guns to fight violence with violence. I hate that we fear each other because we look different. I hate that we argue more than we listen..." And then I STOP.

Because HATE is what got us into this mess. HATE is what continues to feed the monsters of misunderstanding and division.

And so, instead, I cast out those seeds of hate and I arm myself instead with HOPE.

During days and months like these, it can feel like the world is too broken to heal, but I have to believe that in seeking hope, humanity can find it.

In choosing to believe that a future world exists where we are no longer killing each other, humanity can CREATE it. And so today, and every day, I will remind myself to choose HOPE not hate.