2/24/2016: Ideal

Today was one of those ideal kind of days. The ones where you feel capable and creative and light and free. I woke up and went to this quaint hidden winery by our house to have a piece of quiche for breakfast and start writing tomorrow’s art update email. On the way home I swung by a local coffee roaster to grab my favorite cold brew of all time, a concoction they call “One Bra-zillion Coconuts” (it’s so delicious I don’t add a thing to it and usually I have to dump a stevia packet into my coffee to even consider drinking it.) After that it was a work day full of alternating between writing, painting and preparing shop packages for our shipping party tomorrow. To take a break from the intense focus, Jason and I took a hike in the afternoon and then it was back to it once we got home. Sprinkled in between there were warm emails from MV newsletter subscribers, texts from friends, and the occasional YouTube video for kicks. When I look back on today, I can’t help but think: Why can’t every day feel this good?!

Now let me be clear… every day is NOT this picturesque. There are days I’m stressed or moody or overwhelmed. Days when things go wrong. Days when I have no energy or I feel like I’m being swallowed whole by my email. But today was a pleasant reminder of something to AIM for, and that’s why identifying your ideal anything is valuable.

Think about what a GREAT day would look like for you. What would you be doing? How would you be feeling? Where would you go? What things would you want to work on? Who would you want to talk to? By setting the bar for how we want each day to be, we’re able to recognize when we’re NOT having that ideal day and take actionable steps toward closing the gap between the ideal and the real.

Who knows, tomorrow may be a different story but all I know is that I’m so very grateful for today!