7/7/2016: Instincts

A reminder to consider setting aside your second thoughts and letting your instincts lead you. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Maybe it’s the break away from being in my studio, but as I took a look at my blank paper yesterday I realized that I was itching to switch up my process and explore a new evolution of my work. This resulted in me pulling out the wax paper from our kitchen (for reasons I do not know) and experimenting with how to incorporate it as a foreign material into my work. The first few tries were kind of disastrous and I tried new ways of applying paint and medium and water to see how they behaved. But, after a few failed experiments, I stumbled upon something I KIND OF liked. Then, without thinking, I started to add more layers with no idea of what look or process I was trying to achieve. Instead I just let my instincts lead the way. I FEEL like maybe I could press the paper here. I FEEL like I want to see what happens when I do this. And this. And this.

The final result is something that looks completely different from anything I’ve done and yet feels like it fits my aesthetic. I love the texture and depth of it, like there’s more to discover with each layer you see.

Sometimes, rather than thinking it through or second-guessing, you just have to let your instincts lead you and trust that you’ll arrive at something interesting.