1/7/2016: Journey

We’re just a week into the new year now and (predictably) I find myself with my mind on the future.

Where do I want to be a year from now? What things do I want to have achieved? How much do I want my business to have grown?

It’s a natural thing, I think, to want to use the novelty and excitement of a fresh year as a source of momentum for growth. Growth is good. Forward progress is good. Striving and stretching are good.

But here’s what I want to keep in mind, especially as this season of goal-setting is fresh in our minds: the time we spend achieving our goals (hitting the milestone, crossing the finish line, surpassing the revenue projection) is minuscule compared to the time we spend striving toward them.

And while those accomplishments feel great for a moment or an hour or a few days, it’s never long before our human brains inevitably go looking for the next challenge, the next milestone, the next goal. Whether the origin is societal or biological, being human often means being in a perpetual state of hunger. We want something bigger, something better. More this, the best that.

But, given how much relative time we spend playing the game vs. accepting the trophy, it’s important we remember to actually ENJOY the journey. I think it’s important we realize that it’s never really about the final goal, but the satisfaction it brings us to work toward the goal in the first place.

And, in that way, I like to think that the journey sort of IS the destination itself. To seek is far more important than to find, because that’s where all the excitement happens.

Anyway, just something I’m trying to remember as I approach the new year with all of these well-laid plans. That ultimately it’s not about where I’m going or even if I get there, but how determined I am to make it an enjoyable adventure regardless.