4/26/2016: Kind

A reminder to treat yourself as kindly as you would a friend. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Today I gave myself permission to take a sick day. After almost a week of “pushing through” in order to keep things moving forward, I finally put myself first above every other obligation today. And while it definitely wasn’t easy to do (I may have pulled out the laptop more than a few times 😉) I know that it was so necessary in getting my health back where it should be.

Earlier this morning I shared a cool time lapse video of me creating an Abstract Affirmation on my new #iPadPro. I promised myself that as fun as it was to create, I wouldn’t let this new digital medium take the place of the real thing, since being in my studio and feeling paint on my hands every day has become such an integral part of my life this year. But, as I sat in bed, Kleenex and Netflix abounding, wondering where I would get the energy to head into the studio with my aching head and burning lungs, I considered why I wouldn’t just let myself use this new convenient tool to my advantage. Why couldn’t I just give myself a break and show myself the same kindness I would show to any friend I encountered who was under the weather? I realized I was creating barriers and rules for myself where there didn’t need to be any. So, I scrapped my stupid rules. From here on out, I give myself permission to use this digital medium, sick or not sick, whenever I need a less messy, more portable way to create these daily art pieces. Today I was beyond grateful that I was able to stick with my commitment and create something I’m proud of, while still honoring my promise to let myself rest.

Sometimes we create rules for ourselves that actually make our lives harder than they need to be. And in those moments we simply have to ask how we can be more KIND to ourselves.