4/1/2016: Late

A friendly reminder to just get started on that dream, idea or plan! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

I finally managed to carve out time today to dig into some delinquent emails, and there was one surprising theme that came up in a few different replies. The theme was around this notion of it being too LATE. Too late to start a podcast. (Because that “everyone’s doing it and that ship has sailed.”) Too late to start a newsletter. (Because “it’s been months of radio silence.”) Too late to start an art business. (Because I’m “too old to learn all the skills it requires.”) Too late to change directions in business. (“All my hard work will be for nothing.”)

Who baked the bad batch of cookies?! Guys… it’s totally NOT TOO LATE!!

BUT, I do remember this feeling pretty well. It reminds me of when I started my first blog back in 2011. At that time it felt like “EVERYBODY was blogging.” (Little did I know “everybody” was about to get a whole lot bigger.) I would look around and see DIY bloggers and design bloggers and lifestyle bloggers and fashion bloggers that had amassed these HUGE followings. Their posts would get hundreds of comments and their archives had years’ worth of posts. Starting from scratch felt like an enormous uphill battle that I would never win.

But… I started anyway. I started because ultimately I had things to say and I couldn’t bare to wait around any longer NOT saying them. And it at first, growth was slow. Friends and family would share my posts, and then eventually strangers started commenting, and then later on after that, the blog turned into Made Vibrant, and the newsletter started (with 2 subscribers.) But 2 turned into 20 subscribers which turned into 50 which became 500 and then 5,000.

My point is: there is no such thing as too late to start.

Everyone and everything does not operate on a parallel track. We’re all doing our own thing at our own pace in our own way. And when you think of it like that, it’s impossible for anybody to lap you. What I do know is that building ANYTHING that is high-quality and positioned for long-term growth takes TIME. And because that’s the case, the longer you wait to begin, the longer it’ll be until you reach that dream in your head. So… just START. Start now. Start today. Start small. Start with something. But just start. START because “too late” doesn’t exist but “NEVER” sure does, and your dreams deserve better than never.